Xamarin 4 Workshop code now available!

Here is the source-code links and additional resources for the Xamarin 4 Worshop that I presented on January 13th, 2006. Thanks everyone for attending!

Xamarin 4 Workshop


System requirements:

Getting Xamarin installed

Install Xamarin platform.

Visual Studio 2015: https://www.visualstudio.com/en-us/downloads/download-visual-studio-vs.aspx

Xamarin Android Player


Developing a Xamarin.Forms app from scratch

In Visual Studio:
New Project -> Installed -> Visual C# -> Cross-Platform -> Blank App (Xamarin.Forms Portable)

In Xamarin Studio:
File -> New -> Solution -> Cross-platform -> App -> Xamarin.Forms App (Use Portable Class Library)

Let’s inspect the App.cs main code that which is responsible for supporting the UI for all the platforms running our app:

By doing so will get:

Let’s set the project structure to be used later in this tutorial:

Hello World, Xamarin.Forms!

This is the single code shared across those platforms:

Adding more pages to the app with MasterDetailPage