Introducing #XamarinDiplomado, free and online mobile application development content for Latin America audiences

#XamarinDiplomado consists in a series of free & online content developed by Xamarin & Microsoft MVPs from Latin America including Esteban Solano, Humberto Jaimes and Enrique Aguilar focused on mobile application development with C# and .Net in collaboration with a awesome team of Microsoft folks as a way of bring and teach about mobile development for Latin America audiences.

A kindly invitation from Miguel de Icaza to #XamarinDiplomado available in Spanish!

More about the diplomado

The diplomado was started in 2016 with a great adoption in the region among the local .Net communities in Latin America after releasing 100% Spanish content covering Android, iOS and Windows with C#, Xamarin & Azure, and quickly expanding through México, Costa Rica, Colombia, Perú, Argentina and more recently Brazil with contents been adapted to Portuguese.

About the content

Content is delivered as a set of e-learning materials available 24/7 including videos, hands-on-labs and Q&A focused on Xamarin from traditional approach for Android, iOS and Xamarin.Forms, covering the native concepts of each mobile platform and develop mobile-conected apps, REST, SQLite, XAML, Xamarin.Forms and Microsoft Azure for the creation of applications connected to the cloud.

Join XamarinDiplomado starting 2017! Upcoming dates & new topics

The next series of the diplomado will start on January 30th, 2016 and content will be available until the middle of March 2016 for attendees to recap and catch-up and attendees and even register after the diplomado starts.

The intermediate content will include:

Didn’t make it on time? No rush! Beginner-level content is also included

No matter if you joined later or if you are a Xamarin noobie, the content for the diplomado will be available for further access for the next weeks so you can access the content later on the day.


Got questions? Wanna join? Contact us!

Feel free to join the #XamarinDiplomado conversation on Twitter, reach Humberto, Enrique or myself by shooting me an email to

Continue reading (in Spanish)

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