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I’m a certified Software Engineer with 10+ years of working experience with object-oriented programming techniques developing robust, scalable and secure solutions for desktop and web environments with hands-on experience including methodologies & best practices including DevOps, Continuous Integration and Delivery, Design Patterns, Clean Code, Behavior & Test-Driven Development, Refactoring, N-tier systems and architectural models under Unit Testing, Refactoring, Versioning Control and Monitoring.

My background experience includes requirements engineering, design, and development, testing & delivery of web front-end and back-end systems with diverse technologies including RESTful APIs, SOAP, WSDL, and .NET XML Web Services connecting business systems through HTML5, CSS/JavaScript and Windows applications including MVC, WinForms, WPF, Silverlight, and Xamarin.

I’m a proud husband, father, and technology enthusiast who enjoys software development by coding it, teach others and spread Open Source technologies. I enjoy learning, talk, and help others to learn about software development for the web and mobile by using my knowledge of JavaScript and C# with Xamarin, Asp.Net, NodeJS and other technologies.

Some years ago, I decided to create a user group to meet other developers around been interested in learning and building apps, it’s called Mobile CR .NET Developers. Here is a list of talks and workshops that we made in some universities and companies that made room for us:

Recent sessions

  • Recap: * Build + Evolve 2016: ¡Xamarin para todos!* at UNED, Costa Rica.
  • Charla: Desarrollo de apps móviles con Xamarin y C#/.Net at UFidélitas, San José.
  • Workshop: Xamarin + REST ASP.NET Core services at CUC & Microsoft Costa Rica.
  • Workshop: Xamarin 4: Desarrollo de apps móviles con C# / .Net at Brainstation.cr
  • Charla: Desarrollando apps para iPhone con Xamarin at CUC, Cartago.
  • Charla: ¿Qué trae nuevo Android Marshmallow? at CUC, Cartago.
  • Taller: Introducción al desarrollo móvil con Xamarin at UAM, San José.

Full list of sessions is available here and some recap notes are listed here or through my blog.

Look out for my upcoming sessions for the group to stay in contact with me and other Xamarin developers in my country. If you are interested to, or want me to help you to make a session, don’t hesitate to send me an email and will enjoy to contact you back.

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