Opened discussion: Xamarin Yeoman generator (yo xamarin)

Can we expect Xamarin tools to be open-source and allow more scaffolding tools like Yeoman besides VS/XS IDE standard tools?

I’m a big fan of Yeoman and it is been used hugely for scaffolding (not only) ASP.NET Core apps even from Linux with its easier to follow CLI.

Since Xamarin tools are being open-source and scaffolding apps are becoming more easier from Windows and OSX to me it might be definitely an interesting step to provide some sort of Xamarin tooling for Linux.

Introducing Yeoman generator for Xamarin

Yeoman + Xamarin

Looking at the Yeoman site list there is one Xamarin generator by Christopher Pateman which might be good step to go into that way.

yo xamarin

Summarized, my questions in the Forum were:

Hopefully this is something we can get answered soon and if makes sense, will bring a five-star player for existing Xamarin toolset.

You can follow up my discussion here and bring your thoughts. Also, feel free to contact me and discuss it.