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My favorite 10 DEV+Cloud announcements from Microsoft Build 2022

In case you missed it, last week was Microsoft Build 2022! Here I share my top 10 favorite DEV+Cloud announcements and links for keeping an eye in 2022.

About Microsoft //Build Conference

Microsoft Build Conference it’s one of my favorite developer conferences which I follow from ~2015. Every year, Microsoft traditionally showcases the technologies and products that are coming next during a 1-2 all day event, taking several sessions at the same time in Seattle, remote and around the world.

About Microsoft Build Conference

Featuring cloud, no-code tools, M365, Visual Studio, JavaScript .NET, Artificial Intelligence, SDKs, IoT and also hardware announcements take place for General Availability (GA) and also earlier Private Preview announcements for certain products for customers who are interested in giving them a try and provide feedback.

Here are I my top 10 DEV+Cloud related announcements:

1) Azure Container Apps is now generally available.

Azure Container Apps (ACA) enables customers to run microservices and containerized apps on a serverless platform built on Azure Kubernetes Service and extend with well-known ecosystem projects like KEDA (Kubernetes Event-driven Autoscaling extension), Dapr (Distributed Application Runtime and Envoy.

Read more:

Azure Container Apps

More about Azure Container Apps:

2) GitHub Copilot now Generally Available

GitHub Copilot is a pair programming tool developed by GitHub (Microsoft) with OpenAI tool that enables their users the ability understand context from inputs like comments to suggest lines or code within development environments such as Visual Studio. Also, GitHub Copilot extension is available for IDEs and editors, from Visual Studio Code, JetBrains, Neovim, Visual Studio IDE and also GitHub Codespaces.

During //Build Conference, Microsoft announced that Copilot will be for students, Build 2022 attendees, and verified open-source contributors!

GitHub Copilot now Generally Available

Read more:

3) TypeScript 4.6 out and 4.7 beta announced.

A new version of TypeScript is available and packed with a lot of interesting features out for beta. You can give it a try to latest version of TypeScript right from and take a look on latest features listed in Microsoft Blogs link below:

Typescript 4.7 announced

Read more:

4) .NET MAUI and Blazor announcements

.NET MAUI is out!! 🎉 A single, unified .NET experience for developing applications across mobile and web supporting Mac Catalyst, iOS and Android from one single place. NET MAUI is the next, natural sucesor of Xamarin and now you can incorporate web components developed with Blazor framework by using primarily C# instead of JavaScript. Alternatively, you can use BlazorWebView control for rendering Razor components into an embedded Web View for re-using web UI based components across mobile, desktop and web.

.NET MAUI is out

Read more:

5) Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) updates & cloud extensions

For Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS), there are 3 new capabilities enabled for k8s clusters known as Cluster Extensions: Dapr, Azure Machine Learning and GitOps. All of them can be managed from well known tools like the Azure CLI and the Azure SDKs.

As mentioned here, Cluster extensions provide an at-scale mechanism to deploy, update and manage the lifecycle of services represented by extension instances running on your AKS clusters.

AKS updates

Read more:

More about Cluster extensions:

6) Azure Static Web Apps CLI is now GA (global access)

Azure Static Web Apps enables you to deploy your full-stack web apps by connecting your Git repository and get a lot of features out of the box, including:

  • Web hosting for static content (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and images).
  • Integrated API support provided by Azure Functions
  • First-class GitHub and Azure DevOps integration
  • Globally distributed static content (CDN)
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Custom domains
  • Auth provider integrations with Azure Active Directory, GitHub, and Twitter.
  • And more.
Azure Static Web Apps

Recommended reading:

More about az-swa announcement:

7) Dev Box and Azure Deployment Environments

Microsoft Dev Box is a new Azure cloud service for hybrid development teams that provides developers with secure, ready-to-code developer workstations which are pre-configured for specific stacks and tasks so developers can get to straight to work without having to worry about configuring it.

Read more:

8) Visual Studio 2022 for Mac is now available!

The next version of Visual Studio 2022 for Mac is out! v17.0 it’s available to download which is packed with full native macOS UI support, .NET 6 based and optimized for Apple Silicon (ARM64) processors. Main features include:

  • .NET 6, C# 10 and Azure Functions v4 support.
  • MAUI tooling support
  • Git Changes window

Read more:

Release Notes:

9) Windows Terminal Preview 1.14 Release

The new Windows Terminal release is out, containing a lot of improvements and ability to enable it as default by using the Windows settings app or inside Windows Terminal’s settings.

Windows Terminal can be installed from the Microsoft Store or from the GitHub releases page.

Read more:

10) M365 and Microsoft Teams announcements

Last but not least, several M365 announcements took place around Microsoft Teams, Low-Code / No-code, Microsoft Graph. Some key announcements included:

  • Teams JS 2.0 SDK - Developer Preview
  • Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code & Visual Studio 2022 - Generally Available
  • Microsoft Teams app model & Microsoft Graph updates
  • Loop components and Adaptive Card-based components
  • Microsoft Teams Framework (TeamsFx) - A set of Temas based components incluidng CLI, VS Code extensions and SDKs (NuGet, NPM)
  • New Teams Graph API (Create messages, chat, and more)

Here I share some links for further reading:

Recordings now available!

On-demand videos from

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Hope you enjoy it!

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