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Exam passed! DP-900: Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals Certification

Exam passed! DP-900: Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals - Sharing my notes and experience of earning the certification exam

About the exam: Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900 Certification

This exam is part of the 900 family which is targeted for general-purpose / fundamentals knowledge. I enjoyed prepared for this exam as it really covers the basics for understanding of data, which some minimum understanding of Azure offering for Data Services. Here are some of the topics I highlight:

  • Understanding of Relational vs NoSQL and data-modelying types (structured, semi-structured, unstructured)
  • OLTP and OLAP concepts
  • Azure Storage, Data Lake and HDInsight
  • Azure Data Factory, Databricks and Synapse (Spark, Hadoop)
  • CosmosDB basics and APIs (MongoDB, Gremlim, Cassandra, SQL API)
  • Power BI basics including visualizations, PowerBI Service and PowerBI Desktop

Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900 -Image

Verified by Credly

Earners of the Azure Data Fundamentals certification have demonstrated foundational knowledge of core data concepts and how they are implemented using Microsoft Azure data services.

  • Describe core data concepts
  • Identify considerations for relational data on Azure
  • Describe considerations for working with non-relational data on Azure
  • Describe an analytics workload on Azure

Skills measured:

  • Describe ways to represent data, including structured, semi-structured and unstructured data
  • Identify options for data storage, common formats for data files and types of databases
  • Describe common data workloads including both transactional and analytical workloads
  • Identify roles and responsibilities for data workloads including database administrators, data engineers and data analysts
  • Identify relational concepts SQL and NoSQL data

My experience taking exams online through Microsoft Learning

If you are interested, I’ve put together some recommendations for taking this kind of certification exams as part of my Microsoft AI Fundamentals AI-900 Certification post here which I recommend to take a look on preparing for exam day.

Here is a list of materials to take a look in case you are considering to pursuit the certification, which is available from Microsoft Learn website:

See the full list and additional content at:

I would be more than happy to connect in case you want to get more tips for getting ready for the exam. Please feel free to reach out to my LinkedIn here


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